Become an AVON Rep in Runcorn

Become an AVON Rep in Runcorn 


Become an AVON Rep in RuncornDo you want to become an AVON Rep in Runcorn?

We are recruiting in Runcorn and are looking for people to become an AVON Rep.

Earn extra cash and have fun at the same time. Get great discounts on your own products too.

Become an AVON Rep in Runcorn – Opportunities

It is simple to become an AVON Rep in Runcorn.  Just put your details on the form or call me FREE on 0800 118 5411 and we will get you up and earning CASH within 24hrs.  We are local so we can get you started daytime/evening or weekends.

  • You can earn up to 25% discount on your orders in CASH
  • We will give you the 1st & 2nd set of AVON brochures completely FREE
  • Free Delivery of all products over £10
  • Sell to friends/family, in work or locally
  • No upfront fee to pay to start (there is a £15 admin fee split into £7.50 on your 1st/2nd invoice)
  • You choose your own hours – fully flexible

We will run through all the things you need to know and answer all your questions on how to become an AVON Rep in Runcorn.

Become an AVON Rep in Runcorn – Areas we are looking to fill

Higher Runcorn, Weston, Weston Point, Clifton, Halton Brook, Halton Lodge, Norton, Stockham, Castlefields, Palacefields, Windmill Hill, Murdishaw, Brookvale, Hallwood Park and Sandymoor.

If you area is not listed, please still get in touch, as we have areas becoming available all the time.  You also do not have to sell in an Area and can concentrate on selling to Friends, Family, Workmates or hold parties.

If you want to Become an AVON Rep in Runcorn get in touch with us today.

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